Brand is your identity. It creates a personality of you, your company or organisation which let people remember you well.
By applying the same brand identity throughout different touchpoints, it unifies your project as a series of designed product.

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This is a rebranding project for Australian Whale Conservation Society, building a new logo with style guide on colour, buttons and typfaces on the website application.

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Festival branding

A festival branding project for Sydney Writers Festival 2017, applied on touchpoints including poster and street banner designs, postcards and newspaper advertisements.

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stop shark finning

This campaign design is to aim for stop shark finning activities within Australia. It includes posters and brochure designs, together with social media promotions.


eggcellent branding

A branding project for the snack - mini egg puff store called Eggcellent, located in Sydney. Logo and packaging design has been produced in this project.